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Minor Changes For OmniRide Express Routes For 6/22

Posted: 06/17/2020


MARK CENTER PASSENGERS:  The L-303 trip will begin service at 4:45 P.M. instead of 4:30 PM. Printed schedules will be updated at the next printing this fall.

State Department Routes (D-100, L-100, 601 AND 611):  (UPDATE) Trips will detour around street closures along H St. and I St.  The detour affects morning service on 601 and 611 trips and afternoon/evening service on D-100 and L-100 trips.

Missed Stop

* H and Jackson

*  I Street and 15th Street,

* I Street and 18th Street

Alternate Stops

* 19th and H Street

* 18th and Penn

* 14th and NY