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OmniRide's Coronavirus Preparation


With Coronavirus in the news daily, OmniRide passengers may wonder what steps are being taken to help prevent the spread of all types of illnesses on public transportation. OmniRide has been monitoring the situation daily and started consulting with the Virginia Department of Health and other regional transit agencies weeks ago, soon after the virus started making headlines around the globe.

Here’s what OmniRide is doing to protect riders and staff:

  • Wiping down each bus interior daily, focusing on common areas such a handrails, arm rests, seat backs, and the bus operator’s compartment.
  • Performing enhanced cleaning once a week on all buses.
  • Upgraded the strength of cleaning products used on the bus fleet.
  • Cleaning Transit Center common areas daily.
  • Distributed hand sanitizer and Lysol disinfecting wipes to all office staff and placed hand sanitizer in transit center lobby.
  • Following CDC guidelines, reminding all staff (including bus operators) to stay home when ill and generally practice good hygiene to help prevent the spread of all types of illness.
  • Collaborating with Prince William County staff on illness updates and the impact to our local area.
  • Updating pandemic service plans to prepare for potential changes in staffing levels and bus services in the event of a pandemic.
  • Monitoring the response of other transit agencies in the region.

We hope our pandemic service plans never need to be implemented, but please be assured that we are prepared for such an emergency.