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Change in AM Routing for MC100, RS and 543 Trips at L'Enfant Plaza

Posted: 09/12/2022


Due to a reconfiguration of D Street west of 7th Street, OmniRide buses are having difficulty making the right turn from 7th Street to D Street during morning service.  As a result, beginning Wednesday, 9/14, AM OmniRide Express Montclair (MC-100), Route 1 South (RS), and Stafford-Washington (543) routing will be reconfigured:


Eliminated AM Stop: 

  • D Street before 9th Street


Alternate AM Stop: 

  • 7th Street before E Street (Current OmniRide Stop #2008)


There will be no change to the PM routing.  Schedules will be revised at the next Service Change in December