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Introducing a NEW way to pay your OmniRide Express fare!   

Posted: 02/01/2024



Starting Monday, February 5th, OmniRide Express riders have a new way to pay your fare. Introducing the OmniRide Express Monthly Fare Pass! OmniRide Express riders can now purchase a NEW monthly pass for unlimited rides for $265. That’s a 33% discount off the $396 in one-way fares it would cost someone who normally rides daily for a month. Just pay once for the month and you’re done. 

The pass is available electronically, using the OmniPay mobile payment app. Passengers can download and use the app to pay fares on OmniRide’s services. The pass can be purchased with a credit/debit card or using your SmartBenefits allotment. 

Learn more about the OmniPay mobile app and how to allot your SmartBenefits here