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Reduced OmniRide Service During Pandemic

Posted: 04/20/2020

OmniRide Express commuter buses are operating on a reduced the level of service, due to low ridership.  Over the course of the pandemic, ridership on OmniRide’s Express commuter routes has dropped by 90 percent.  To continue serving our riders who are essential personnel, OmniRide is only operating the following Express commuter service:


Only the OmniRide Express routes listed above are operating.  All other OmniRide Express routes are not runningOmniRide will continue to monitor ridership levels and may make additional changes in the future.


Other OmniRide services operate as follows:


Fares are free on OmniRide Local and Metro Express services during the pandemic to minimize interactions between bus operators and riders and allow customers to board quickly and self-distance more effectively. Commuters on OmniRide Express buses must pay fares using a SmarTrip card – no cash is accepted. 


To protect our riders and bus operators, OmniRide continues to sanitize buses frequently with hospital-grade cleaners. The Transit Center lobby is closed to the general public and lost and found is only available from 6:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  


Bus operators are wearing face masks in compliance with guidelines from the Center for Disease Control.  Riders should also wear masks and practice social distancing on OmniRide buses.


  • When possible, bus operators are limiting the number of passengers to10 at a time. Limiting the number of passengers on each bus helps occupants avoid close contact with others and ensures social distancing.
  • Passengers will be permitted to ride local buses for one loop only to limit extended exposure and contact between drivers and passengers.
  • Seats closest to the bus operator are being blocked off to encourage social distancing from the driver.

OmniRide’s Customer Service staff are available to assist you at 703-730-6664 or