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UPDATE: OmniRide Service for the Week of May 1-5

Posted: 05/01/2023


UPDATE #3 5/5/23 @ 4:15pm


  • Woodbridge Local trips that leave the Transit Center @ 1615 and 1800.  Alternates: @ 4:40, @ 5:40, or @ 6:55


UPDATE #2 5/5/23 @ 3:30PM


The following Express trips will be missed for the PM commute.

  • Dale City – Pentagon D-203P leaves Pentagon @ 2:45.  Alternate: D-204R @ 3:33 (leaves Pentagon @ 4:00).
  • Gainesville-Washington 611-4 leaves 14th St/Independence Ave SW @ 2:45.  Alternate: 611-5 @ 3:10.
  • Gainesville-Washington 611-6 leaves 14th St/Independence Ave SW @ 3:20.  Alternate: 611-7 @ 3:40.
  • Gainesville-Washington 611-9 leaves 14th St. & Independence Ave SW @ 4:45PM.  Alternate:  611-8 @ 4:15pm or 611-10 @ 5:15.


UPDATE 5/5/23 @ 1:35PM 


  • Stafford-Washington 543-1 that leaves D St & 7th St SW @ 1:47 (leaves Pentagon @ 2:20) with Stafford-Pentagon 942-1 that leaves Pentagon @ 1:15. Leaves Pentagon @ 2:20.



For the week of May 1 - 5, OmniRide will reinstate service for the Montclair-Washington MC-100 route. OmniRide will continue to add back more Express service as manpower permits. We understand that the current level of Express service poses a hardship for some of our passengers who either must drive a longer distance to a different commuter lot for a direct trip or have to take multiple routes to get to their destinations.  In partnership with Keolis, our operations contractor, we are working to reinstate other routes to reliable service.  However, until further notice, ONLY the OmniRide Express routes listed below will operate:


  • Dale City-Washington D-100
  • Dale City-Pentagon/Rosslyn/Ballston D-200
  • Dale City-Navy Yard D-300
  • Lake Ridge-Washington L-100
    • NOTE: All L-100 trips will serve the Pentagon. In the morning, this means buses will arrive in DC a few minutes later than scheduled. In the PM, riders boarding at the Pentagon should use the 14th and Pennsylvania timepoint as a gauge as to when the bus will arrive at Pentagon. Buses may arrive 7-12 minutes after they depart 14th and Pennsylvania depending on traffic.
  • Montclair-Washington MC-100
  • Montclair-Pentagon MC-200
  • Stafford-Washington 543
  • Stafford-Pentagon 942
  • Gainesville/Manassas-Washington 611
  • Gainesville-Pentagon/L’Enfant/Navy Yard 612
  • Haymarket-Rosslyn/Ballston 622


Metro Express, Local, East-West Express, Connect microtransit and Access paratransit services will operate according to regular published schedules.


Each week Keolis operations updates OmniRide on the number of operators available for service, in addition to the number of new operators in training and those who are ready for release into service.  Later this week, we will reassess resources to determine service for the week of May 8.