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Update on DC OmniRide Express Service -- Week of 12/5

Posted: 11/27/2022


UPDATE -- Week of December 5th:

OmniRide Express buses that normally serve Washington DC will continue to only serve the Pentagon -- except the Dale City - Navy Yard (D-300) route.  That route resumes regular service on Monday, December 5th. Other routes will go back to regular service as manpower permits. Fares will remain $3.45.


Posted 11/27/22

Dear OmniRide Passengers,

OmniRide continues to struggle with the impacts of the nationwide bus operator shortage.  It has become especially acute in recent weeks, forcing many missed and combined trips on all our services but the heaviest impact has been on our commuter Express routes. Our service has been less than stellar -- certainly not at the level our customers deserve.

Our operations contractor, Keolis, has and continues to make valiant efforts to hire and train new bus operators but we are competing with every industry that requires the use of drivers.  While they have made strides filling open positions, the new hires are not road-ready just yet. Even if a hire already has a CDL, they cannot be hired and immediately assigned a bus route -- extensive training is required.

Over the past several months, OmniRide and Keolis have tried several tactics in our efforts to meet published schedules. None of them have helped us to sustain reliable service for our riders. As a result -- until further notice -- OmniRide Express buses that normally serve Washington D.C. will only operate to and from the Pentagon.  This will give riders more travel options and allow for easier on-the-fly service adjustments.

We know that some riders will be inconvenienced by having to transfer to Metrorail to complete their trip, but we feel this option is more favorable than not being able to offer our riders a reliable commute.  Transferring passengers will also incur the expense of the Metrorail fare.  To help offset the cost, while this reduced service remains in effect, OmniRide Express fares will be reduced to $3.45.  When possible, passengers might consider using our Metro Express service to connect to Metrorail. Those routes are operating on Zero-Fares.

In the AM, Express buses will pick up riders according to published schedules but all routes that would normally serve D.C. instead will terminate at the Pentagon. Metrorail's Yellow Line is not operational. To compensate, Metro is offering FREE shuttle buses from the Pentagon to the Smithsonian, Archives and Metro Center stations.  The shuttles only operate during AM & PM rush hours from Bus Bay U9 at the Pentagon Bus Station.  See the schedule here and for more information, contact WMATA at 202-637-7000.

In the PM, OmniRide Express trips that would originate in D.C. will instead start at the Pentagon.  Trips will start at the Pentagon at the same time they are scheduled to start from their last DC timepoint. The last trips will leave the Pentagon at 7:30pm.

These routes will be affected:

  • Dale City – Washington (D-100)
  • Dale City – Navy Yard (D-300)
  • Lake Ridge – Washington (L-100)
  • Montclair (MC)
  • South Route 1 (RS)
  • Manassas (601)
  • Gainesville – Washington (611)
  • Gainesville - Navy Yard (612)
  • Stafford - Washington (543)

The Pentagon can be accessed through the Metro's Blue line. Once at the Pentagon, follow signage to the bus bays.

OmniRide values the patronage of EVERY passenger. Know that we will continue to make every effort to provide our community with safe, reliable, and affordable transit services.



The OmniRide Team