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Bike Exploration Month 2021

Did You Know?

Commuting with your bike?

Riding your bike all the way to work may not be an option. Luckily you can rely on local transit to help get you a bit further down the road. Use the current lack of traffic to dust off your bike and “test” your ride to work.

Your bike rides FREE on OnmiRide’s buses! For the convenience of bicyclists, OmniRide's Local, East-West Express and Metro Express buses have been equipped with bike racks. Each rack holds two bicycles and is easy to use. To ensure a safe ride with your bike, be sure to follow all instructions and bike rack policies.

VRE currently allows full-size bikes on all trains. Simply check in with the conductor when boarding.

Bicycles are welcome on Metrorail during all hours; however, we encourage bicyclists to be considerate of other customers and adhere to these rules when traveling with a bicycle.


Ready to Ride?

Need a place to lock or store your bike safely?

Bike Racks and Bike Lockers allow you to lock up or store your bike safely. Bike racks and/or bike lockers can be found at many Commuter Lots in Prince William County and across the DC region as well. And there’s information to help assess the skill level required for the bike accessible roadways and trails in Prince William County.

Rack Spotter is another great resource for locating bike racks.


Fun—You Got It!!!

Looking for a way to get some exercise and have fun doing it?

Biking is a fun solo and family activity. It’s great exercise too, and as the saying goes, “you never forget how to ride a bike”. So, test your memory (don’t forget a helmet) and get out and enjoy!

There's also a "Bike Anywhere Week" event happening from May 11 through May 15, hosted by WABA. Join us as we find joy in biking solo to the grocery store, around the block, or safely on a trail with our families for Bike Anywhere Week!

A Bike Comfort Level Map is available which details skill level requirements for bike trails throughout Prince William County. Another is available for Arlington County.

There are also plenty of bike shops available throughout Prince William County, ready to help you get your bike on the road.


Best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

Certain protocols should be followed during the COVID-19 pandemic, including guidelines to keep in mind while being outside.


Introducing our FIRST ever - “Bike Friendly Workplace Challenge”

We'd love to recognize you!

Please share the efforts you're making to encourage biking at your workplace, and we'll honor you with a certificate that you can display proudly in your office, the lunch room or your website. Email and let us know what makes you a bike-friendly workplace! See below for examples of what OmniRide and City of Manassas are doing to encourage biking at their worksites.


And now a word from our sponsors...


A Manassas-based map of existing and funded bike facilities is available.