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Alternate Commute Options for Fall 2020 Suspended Routes

A Service Change will take effect on November 30. When OmniRide’s Fall Service Change goes into effect service on three Express routes will be suspended. The routes have been experiencing extremely low ridership – in the single digits. These routes will be suspended until further notice.

  • Dale City – Mark Center (D-400)
  • Lake Ridge – Mark Center (L-300)
  • Tysons (T)

There are alternate commute options for riders of the suspended routes.

Mark Center Routes (D-400 & L-300)

Riders can take an OmniRide bus to the Pentagon, then transfer FREE to Metrobus 7M to the Mark Center.  

Learn more about Metro bus service here:

Tysons Route

Riders can take OmniRide’s Prince William Metro Express to the Franconia-Springfield Metro station and transfer FREE to Fairfax Connector Route 494 or you may park for FREE at the Lorton VRE station and connect directly with the 494. 

Learn more about Fairfax Connector services here:


As an additional alternative, riders may be able to join a vanpool. Learn more here:

For further assistance, OmniRide Customer Service staff can also help you to find commute alternatives. Contact them at 703-730-6664 or