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Western Local/Metro Express Routes

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Metro Express Route 60

Metro Express Route 61

Manassas Route 65B

Manassas Route 65N

Manassas South/Manassas Park Route 67


Metro Express Route 60

Route 60 - Current

Route 60 AM - Proposed

Route 60 PM - Proposed

Route 60, 60 AM and 60 PM - Combined

Metro Express Route 60: The proposal is to increase service, so buses operate all-day bi-directionally between Manassas and the Tysons Metrorail Station. Direct service to Manassas Mall would be restored. The route also would serve the new Balls Ford Road commuter lot for direct access to the I-66 express lanes. Service would be restored to Route 28 between I-66 and downtown Manassas. The first trip would depart the Hub at 4:08 am to Tysons Corner.  The last trip would depart Tysons Corner at 8:18 pm. During peak travel, trips would run every 30 minutes.

Metro Express Route 61

Route 61 - Current

Route 61 - Proposed

Route 61 - Current & Proposed


Metro Express Route 61: Service is proposed to be restructured to operate as a commuter shuttle connecting the University, Limestone, and Cushing commuter lots. Existing bus stops along Linton Hall Road and Devlin Road would be served. The bus also would serve the new Balls Ford Road commuter lot.  Buses would run every 45 minutes from the Limestone Lot between 4:15 am and 8:00 am. In the afternoon, buses would start at the Balls Ford Lot at 1:30 pm, with the last trip departing at 8:45 pm.

Route 65 – Manassas North: Core service frequency is proposed to increase so buses run every 45 minutes instead of every 90 minutes. Service would operate in two branches:

Manassas Route 65B

Route 65B Inbound

Route 65 Outbound

Route 65B would operate between the western Hub and the new Balls Ford Road commuter lot. Buses would serve Manassas Mall and residential communities along Coverstone Drive west of Ashton Avenue. 


Manassas Route 65N

Route 65 - Current

Route 65N - Proposed

Route 65 and Route 65N - Current & Proposed


Route 65N would operate between the western Hub and NOVA-Manassas. Direct access to Manassas Mall would be restored. The Portsmouth commuter lot would be served. Service along Irongate Way would be eliminated.

Manassas South/Manassas Park Route 67

 Route 67 - Current

Route 67 - Proposed

Route 67 - Current and Proposed


Route 67 – Manassas South/Manassas Park: Service hours are extended to match Route 65N.  Euclid Drive would no longer be served by Route 67. Instead, buses would operate along Liberia Avenue to Portner Avenue to Breeden Avenue to Mathis Avenue to Manassas Drive. Route 67 would follow regular routing once on Manassas Drive.