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Trip Planner

PRTC has formed a partnership with Google Transit, a public transit trip planning feature of Google Maps. This feature permits users to plan travel using PRTC services and other regional transit systems who have also partnered with Google Maps. It is important to note that not all transit systems within the DC Metro area have partnered with Google Maps.  To get started with planning your trip, simply fill in the fields on the right and click "submit". 

Google Maps also provides walking directions to assist you in reaching a nearby bus stop and getting to your destination once you get off a bus. You can also use the street view feature of Google Maps to become familiar with the areas in the vicinity of our bus stops and your final destination.

To learn more about PRTC's transit services, click the "Bus Service" tab above. For further assistance planning a trip, contact PRTC's Customer Service Office at 703-730-6664, or via Virginia Relay Center - TDD, call 711, 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM Monday - Friday

GTFS Feed data and Tools for Developers is available here.