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Route 91 - Dale City Local

Route Highlights -- See Schedule Below

Inbound (to OmniRide Transit Center)

  • Routing to OmniRide Transit Center begins at Hub on Galveston Court
  • Hoadly Rd. served from Galveston Ct. to Dale Blvd.
  • Dale Blvd. served from Hoadly to Minnieville
  • Darbydale Ave. served
  • Dale Blvd served from Darbydale Ave. to Gideon
  • Gideon served from El Charro to Potomac Mills Road
  • Potomac Mills Mall served at bus stop in front of medical facility
  • Potomac Festival served
  • Timed transfer at OmniRide Transit Center to:
    • Route 53 – Dumfries Connector
    • Route 94 – Lake Ridge Connector
    • Route 95 – Prince William Metro Express
    • Route 96 – East-West Express


Outbound (to Galveston Court)

  • Routing to Galveston Court begins at OmniRide Transit Center
  • Serves Gideon Dr. from Town Center to Dale Blvd
  • Serves Dale Blvd. from Gideon to Darbydale Ave.
  • Serves Darbydale Ave.
  • Serves Dale Blvd from Minnieville Rd. to Hoadly Road
  • Serves Hoadly Road from Dale Blvd. to Galveston Court
  • Timed Transfers to Route 92 – Lake Ridge Local at Hub on Galveston Court