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OmniRide's Efforts Against COVID-19

Daily rigorous cleaning, required face coverings, and practicing social distancing goes a long way to making it safe and comfortable to ride with us. Featured below is a list of ways that OmniRide is working for your health and safety, as well as what YOU can do to make sure your ride is safe for you and others. We're ready for you when you're ready to return. So, c'mon, hop on-board... we've got a seat for you!

Upgraded Cleaning

OmniRide continues to take recommended precautions to decrease the chances that passengers and staff on our buses will spread COVID-19. This includes stringent cleaning of bus interiors daily, focusing on common areas such a handrails, arm rests, seat backs, and the bus operator’s compartment. Local buses are also being pulled off-route at mid-day to be sanitized before being put back into service.  We are also performing enhanced cleaning once a week on all buses, and have upgraded the strength of cleaning products used on the bus fleet. On-board air filters are cleaned and replaced frequently.

Required Face Coverings

ALL passengers are required to wear face coverings while riding OmniRide buses. This requirement is in compliance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandate on wearing face coverings on all public transit. Learn more here.

Social Distancing

Changes on Buses and at Bus Stops

OmniRide has made several changes in order for passengers and operators to practice social distancing. We've blocked off the seats closest to the operator to allow for more space and have installed signs that indicate where passengers may sit. There is limits on the amount of passengers on the bus at a time and passengers are only permitted to ride one loop. We also have signage on all of our bus shelters promoting social distancing and reminding of the face covering policy.

We are in the process of installing operator barriers on 45 Local and Metro Express buses and will be evaluating what type of barrier we can install on our Express buses.

Fare Payment Changes

OmniRide is offering free fares on its Local and Metro Express services during the pandemic to minimize interactions between bus operators and riders and allow customers to board quickly and self-distance more effectively.

Commuters on OmniRide Express buses will continue paying fares and must use a SmarTrip card because OmniRide is not currently accepting cash fares or cash reloading of SmarTrip cards. Customers may purchase SmarTrip cards locally at Todos Supermarket and may reload their cards at Metro Station SmarTrip vending machines or online using a credit card. For assistance with SmarTrip issues, please visit our SmarTrip page.

Changes at the Transit Center

Our lobby has been reconfigured to add plexiglass to provide our front line customer service and security staff additional buffers between any visitors that enter the building.  Additionally, we've limited the number of people that may come into the lobby and placed floor markings guiding people where to stand.

What YOU can do!

Follow CDC Guidelines

OmniRide asks passengers to prevent spreading the virus by following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) by:

  • Washing hands frequently
  • Staying out of public if you have flu symptoms
  • Covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoiding close contact with sick people
  • Wearing a mask when out in public
  • Not riding the bus if you tested positive for COVID-19, are currently awaiting test results, or think you may have been exposed to someone who has the virus.

Keep Checking in With Us!

OmniRide will continue to monitor CDC recommendations and may make additional changes in the days and weeks ahead. Riders are encouraged to subscribe to OmniRide's Rider Express alert system. Keep checking this website for up-to-date information on OmniRide services.

You can contact Customer Service by phone or email:


Thank You

Last, but certainly not least, OmniRide wants to thank those workers who have essential roles in our region and are continuing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our loyal employees – particularly the bus drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics who understand what it means to be "essential" – are honored to serve you and our region during this crisis. Read more about our appreciation for OmniRide's First Providers here.