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Tools for Developers

Like many transit agencies across the country and around the world, OmniRide makes schedule data available in the Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. The primary purpose for providing the data is to foster the development of tools that deliver transportation-related information that assists mass transit users and promotes the use of mass transit in general.

What Can You Expect From OmniRide

  • OmniRide will provide free public access for developers to download its static and realtime GTFS data. Developers can also subscribe to the GTFS RSS feed to be notified when the static feed is changed.
  • At a minimum, new static data will be provided twice per year, typically in the summer and winter.
  • OmniRide will not provide technical support.

Terms and Conditions For Use of OmniRide's GTFS Data

OmniRide is, and will remain, the sole owner of the data provided in its GTFS feeds. By accessing, downloading, reviewing or using this data in any way, you agree to and will abide by the terms and conditions stated below.

  • The data will be provided on an "as is" basis. While every effort will be made to ensure accuracy of the data, OmniRide makes no warranties of any kind concerning the accuracy of the data. You use the data at your own risk.
  • OmniRide, its employees, management and Board of Commissioners will not be liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of OmniRide's GTFS data.
  • OmniRide reserves the right to revise/alter the data at any time without notice. Developers are encouraged to subscribe to OmniRide's GTFS RSS feed to receive notification of updates to the static feed.
  • Use of OmniRide's trademarks and copyrighted materials, including any variants, may not be used in association with applications/products developed using OmniRide's GTFS data.
  • Users of OmniRide's GFTS data will not claim ownership of OmniRide's GTFS data or present yourself as an agent or partner of OmniRide.
  • The laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall govern all rights and obligations that arise under these Terms and Conditions without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws

Download Static GTFS Data

By downloading this feed you agree to comply with the "Terms and Conditions" stated above.

GTFS Static Feed Download

RSS Feed (static data)

OmniRide's GTFS data may be revised/updated without notice. Subscribe here to OmniRide's static GTFS RSS feed to receive notification of updates.

Realtime GTFS Data

For access to OmniRide's realtime GTFS data, submit email request to

Application Notification

If you have used OmniRide's GTFS data to develop an application or incorporated the data into an application, we want to know about it. You can notify OmniRide here.