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Bus Service

OmniRide offers many ways for you to get around – whether you want to travel locally in the Prince William County area or get to destinations in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. Which of these bus services is right for you?

What is OmniRide Express?

It's the safe and relaxing ride you've been looking for! OmniRide Express commuter buses provide comfortable seating for your weekday trips between Prince William County and major employment centers in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. Whether you're traveling during rush hours or in the middle of the day, you'll be happy to leave your vehicle behind for a stress-free commute. Take a look at our route schedules, and find the destination and time that suits your needs.

What is OmniRide Local?

It's the convenient and inexpensive way to travel locally and make connections outside your neighborhood! OmniRide Local buses are easy to board and thrifty to ride. Just wait at a neighborhood bus stop and a friendly bus operator will welcome you aboard and deliver you safely to your destination. In eastern Prince William County, OmniRide Local buses can even travel up to ¾ mile from the standard route to accommodate people who have difficulty using traditional bus stops! In western Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park, OmniRide Local buses operate along fixed routes. OmniRide Acess, a pilot paratransit program serves disabled riders who require off-route pick up and drop-off service. Local buses also offer easy connections to other transit services, helping you to travel near and far! Check out all the local routes that serve your neighborhood today and start enjoying the scenery instead of stressing out about driving.

What is OmniRide Metro Express?

It's an easy connection to nearby Metro stations! When you ride with OmniRide Metro Express, you won't have to pay for parking or waste time searching for a parking spot and then trying to remember where you parked. Instead, you'll be dropped off right at the Metro Station entrance for a hassle-free trip. OmniRide Metro Express buses are great option if you have non-traditional working hours or just want to take a day trip. For your convenience, OmniRide offers three separate routes in the I-95 and I-66 corridors.

What is the OmniRide East-West Express?

It's the way to relax when traveling between eastern Prince William County and the Manassas area! OmniRide East-West Express complements the local bus service that helps you make connections outside your neighborhood. You'll enjoy a wide range of destinations and the easy transfers to other OmniRide routes! See the schedule and plan your next trip on the OmniRide East-West Express.