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Strategic Plan

OmniRide's Positioning Statement

For the greater Prince William area's growing and diverse residents, organizations, and businesses, OmniRide is the organization that delivers a multimodal transportation system, connecting the area's network of convenient, livable activity centers to one another and to the larger region in a way that makes the greater Prince William area the community of choice.

Why create a Strategic Plan?

OmniRide is being called upon more than ever to deliver multimodal transportation services to help improve the ways people get around in Northern Virginia and the Fredericksburg Region. Strategically, OmniRide's services go well beyond serving solely a transportation purpose. OmniRide also is instrumental in helping localities achieve their visions for economic success and best practices for land use.

Our Strategic Plan connects local visions with strategies and actions that will leverage OmniRide's expertise and transform us into a leading service provider. As the region continues to grow, demographics change, and rapidly evolving technology impacts the ways we travel, the organization seeks to chart a path that ensures that our community is well served into the future.

What does the Strategic Plan address?

In 2016, OmniRide started developing a Strategic Plan to help shape the agency's transportation services for the next decade. The plan has three phases, the first two of which are now complete.

Phase 1 – Develop strategies for establishing alternative funding mechanisms and sources.

This phase, which is complete, involved researching existing OmniRide practices and industry best practices to create a comprehensive list of potential expanded and new funding sources for OmniRide.


Phase 2 – Reevaluate OmniRide's vision and identify strategic recommendations for future services.

This phase, which is complete, involved extensive public and stakeholder outreach that led to a renewed vision for OmniRide and the identification of the path forward to achieve that vision. The recommendations were adopted by the PRTC Board of Commissioners in October 2017.

Strategic Recommendations – Full text

Phase 3 – Create detailed plans for future transportation services and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) initiatives.

This phase, which is currently underway, involves a detailed examination of OmniRide's current transit service and TDM programs to identify fiscally-constrained services for the upcoming years that align with the strategic recommendation from Phase 2.

Results will be shared as soon as they are available.

Other resources

In addition to the documents above, this data also played a role in our Strategic Plan process:

Summary Report – Strategic Visioning Retreat
Condition of Existing Services and Future Trends Report
Public and Stakeholder Outreach Summary
Strategic Plan Recommendations Sept. 2017