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ATTENTION:  Metro has upgraded their faregates systemwide and OmniRide has also upgraded our fareboxes. As a result, as of March 1, 2022, SmarTrip cards purchased before 2012 no longer work and must be replaced.  Learn if you’ll need a new card at


If you’re using the SmarTrip app or SmarTrip in your mobile wallet, you’re all set – just tap and go.


What is SmarTrip®?

SmarTrip is a rechargeable farecard that you can use on OmniRide buses as well as many public transportation systems throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia including Metrorail and Metrobus. Having one farecard makes it easy to use multiple modes of transit because there’s no need to carry many forms of payment or worry about having exact change for your fare. OmniRide fares may also be paid using the SmarTrip app, you can learn more here.

A SmarTrip card costs $2. Some sales locations have cards with pre-loaded value on them, so the card would cost $2 plus the pre-loaded amount.

Where Can I Get a SmarTrip Card?

You may purchase a SmarTrip card online or at locations listed below.  See "How Do I Pay a Reduced Fare?" section below for information on Senior (65+) SmarTrip cards.

Local Area

*Sales are currently suspended at the Transit Center.
OmniRide Transit Center
14700 Potomac Mills Road
Woodbridge, VA 22192
(703) 730-6664
OPEN 6am - 8pm, Monday - Friday
Transactions processed 7am - 7pm
Senior (65+) SmarTrip cards also are sold at OmniRide
Todos Market
13905 Jefferson Davis Highway
Woodbridge, VA
NO Senior (65+) SmarTrip cards sold at this location.
2200 Tacketts Mill
Woodbridge, VA

Northern Virginia and Washington, DC

The Commuter Stores
Rosslyn Metro Station
1810 N. Moore Street
Arlington, Virginia
(703) 525-1995
Crystal City Shops
251 18th Street South, Suite 1638-B
Arlington, Virginia
(703) 413-4287
Ballston Metro Station
4230 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
(703) 528-3541
Other Locations
Vending machines in Metro stations

Do I Need a Plastic SmarTrip Card?

In addition to using a plastic SmarTrip card, riders may pay fares using the SmarTrip app or by using SmarTrip in Apple Wallet of Google Pay.  These options permit passengers to quickly load money to their SmarTrip card while on the go.  Details of how to download and use the SmarTrip app or SmarTrip in Apple Wallet of Google Pay are available here.

How Do I Register My Card?

SmarTrip cards must be registered in order to receive SmartBenefits (the employer-provided commuter benefit) or to have value from a lost, stolen, or damaged card transferred to a new card. To register your card, visit If you purchase a card online or by mail, it is already registered.

How Do I Pay My Fare?

  • OmniRide Express passengers may pay fares with a SmarTrip card or cash. ($1, $5, $10 or $20 bills and coins - no pennies). Our fare-free services include OmniRide Local, OmniRide Metro Express, OmniRide Access Paratransit, and OmniRide Connect Microtransit.
  • Each passenger must have their own SmarTrip card.
  • Tap your SmarTrip card to the SmarTrip target on top of the farebox. The appropriate fare will be deducted from your card.
  • Passengers on OmniRide Express buses who pay with a SmarTrip card receive discounted fares.
  • Those who qualify for reduced fares on OmniRide buses must pay with cash or with a Senior (65+)/Disabled SmarTrip card issued by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA) in order to receive the discount.

How Do I Pay a Reduced Fare?

To qualify for reduced fares on OmniRide buses, passengers must:

  • Be age 60 years or older; or
  • Have a disability; or
  • Have a valid Medicare card.

To receive the discount, riders eligible for reduced fares must pay with cash or with a WMATA-issued or a Metro Reduced Fare SmarTrip ID.

Reduced fares are available only during non-peak hours (9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and after 7 p.m.) on OmniRide Express buses.

Passengers who have a WMATA-issued Senior (65+)/Disabled SmarTrip card or Metro Reduced Fare SmarTrip ID, can simply tap the card to the SmarTrip target. The bus farebox will automatically deduct the reduced fare, if applicable.

For more information about Senior (65+)/Disabled SmarTrip cards, call (888) 762-7874. For more information about Metro Reduced Fare SmarTrip ID, call (202) 962-2845 or visit Metro’s Reduced Fare Program page.

How Do I Make a Transfer with a SmarTrip Card?

Transfers ARE AVAILABLE ONLY WHEN FARES ARE PAID WITH SMARTRIP and must be made within three hours of boarding. The electronic farebox will calculate and automatically deduct the correct fare from your SmarTrip card.

  • No credit will be given when transferring between OmniRide buses and Metrorail.

How Do I Add Money To My SmarTrip Card?

Riders can load value online at as needed, or can use SmarTrip's Autoload feature to have a pre-determined amount added automatically via credit or debit card. Value also can be added at any Metrorail station.

Monthly Express Pass

OmniRide Express riders can purchase a monthly pass for unlimited rides for $265. That’s a 33% discount off the $396 in one-way fares it would cost someone who normally rides daily for a month. Just pay once for the month and you’re done.

The pass is available electronically, using the OmniPay mobile payment app. Passengers can download and use the app to pay fares on OmniRide’s services. The pass can be purchased with a credit/debit card or using your SmartBenefits allotment.

What if I Have a Problem With My SmarTrip Card?

If you have trouble using your SmarTrip card on the bus, you will have to pay for your trip with cash. If you have questions or problems using your SmarTrip card, contact Metro at (888) 762-7874 or visit

Where Can I Use a SmarTrip Card?

Along with OmniRide, these regional carriers also accept SmarTrip:

  • ART – Arlington County
  • CUE – Fairfax City
  • DASH – Alexandria
  • DC Circulator
  • Fairfax Connector
  • Loudoun County Transit
  • Metrorail and Metrobus
  • Ride On – Montgomery County

What is SmartBenefits?

SmartBenefits® is a tax-free or pre-tax benefit of up to $265 per month that private employers and federal agencies can provide to their employees to defray the cost of commuting. Using a convenient web-based program, employers simply assign the dollar value of an employee's monthly SmartBenefit directly to the employee's SmarTrip card for use on mass transit and in participating vanpools. The SmartBenefits program is administered through the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA or Metro). For more information visit Metro's SmartBenefits page or call Metro at (202) 962-1326.

Learn more about SmarTrip and SmartBenefits:
(888) 762-7874
Weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
SmarTrip --
SmartBenefits --