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How to Use OmniRide Local

There are four easy ways to use OmniRide Local:

An instructional video about how to use the OmniRide Local bus service is posted on our YouTube channel in English and Spanish.

All OmniRide Local bus stops are identified on the route maps. Buses serve each stop on every trip - simply go to the closest stop. Each of these locations has a sign that identifies it as an OmniRide Local bus stop. Schedules list departure times for designated key stops known as timepoints. If your stop is between two timepoints, use the time for the stop before yours as a guide. Plan to arrive at your stop 5 minutes early.

In addition to the designated bus stops, there are some locations that are on-demand bus stops. If you are riding to an on-demand bus stop, let the driver know your destination when you board. To be picked up from an on-demand bus stop, call the OmniRide Local office and the next available bus will be rerouted to pick you up. On-demand stops are designated with a triangle on route maps. Major commuter parking lots served by OmniRide commuter buses and local Virginia Railway Express stations and many senior living communities are some of the on-demand stops served by OmniRide Local buses. When using an on-demand stop, passengers not eligible for reduced fares will be required to pay the off-route surcharge.  On-demand stops are limited to Eastern OmniRide Local routes only.

If you cannot get to an OmniRide Local stop, or if your destination is not close to a stop, you may still be able to use OmniRide Local by reserving an off-route trip. These trips are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to trips that ensure the bus service is reliable for all customers. Passengers not eligible for reduced fares will be required to pay the off-route surcharge.

To determine if an off-route trip is possible, call Customer Service from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday - Friday. A Customer Service Agent will work with you and try to route the bus closer to where you live or want to go - up to 3/4 mile off the route. If your first choice of time is not available, remember that you can still get to the bus stop to catch the bus when you need to. You may also prefer to schedule the trip for an alternate available time in the schedule. Trips may be scheduled with as little as 2 hours notice, but for best results call as soon as possible to reserve your trip.

You may be asked to get on or off the bus at a location that is within a few blocks of your origin or destination. Some locations are not accessible to OmniRide Local buses.

OmniRide Local buses will meet you at the curb of your pickup location. If you are not at the pickup point, the bus will not wait. Plan to arrive at your stop 5 minutes early. 

To schedule a trip call (703) 730-6664 or (888) 730-6664 or via Virginia Relay Center - TDD, call 711. Off-route trips are only available on Eastern OmniRide Local routes.

Standing orders are subject to availability. If you plan to make the same off-route trip regularly, you may be able to place a standing order by calling Customer Service. If your standing order is confirmed, an OmniRide Local bus will pick you up at the same time and place unless you cancel service. Plan to arrive at your stop 5 minutes early. To place a standing order call (703) 730-6664 or via Virginia Relay Center - TDD, call 711.  Standing orders can only be placed on Eastern OmniRide Local routes.

OmniRide Access Paratransit Service - western routes only

OmniRide Access is a paratransit service for people with disabilities. Vans operate within ¾ mile of the OmniRide Local bus routes that serve Manassas and Manassas Park.

People who are unable to ride a fixed-route bus because of disabilities or health issues may apply to use OmniRide Access paratransit services. An eligibility review will determine whether an applicant is eligible for paratransit service.

OmniRide Access vans operate Monday through Friday from 5:25 a.m. to 8:15 p.m.

How to Change or Cancel a Reservation

If you need to cancel or change your reservation or standing order for an OmniRide Local trip, please call (703) 730-6664 or (888) 730-6664  or via Virginia Relay Center - TDD, call 711 at least 2 hours before the trip is scheduled. Canceling less than 2 hours before your scheduled pickup or not showing at the pickup location will be considered a missed trip. Passengers with 3 missed trips within 30 days will be denied the privilege of requesting reservations for 30 days.