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OmniRide Connect Microtransit Service

It's here!

OmniRide Connect Microtransit service is now operating! The service has replaced OmniRide's Local Manassas Park (68) route which was discontinued on January 30. Riders can schedule rides using our "OmniRide Mobility" app, an online web portal or by calling OmniRide's Customer Service Office. Rides may be scheduled for same-day travel but cannot be scheduled days in advance. 

Download the app and check out the portal now!


OmniRide provides a family of mobility services for Prince William, Manassas, and Manassas Park residents. Historically, ridership on our Manassas Park Local route has been the lowest of all our local bus routes. OmniRide understands that reliable public transit is vital to the community. With that in mind, OmniRide began to consider implementing Microtransit service in the Manassas Park area. We determined that converting our fixed-route local buses to Microtransit would be a more efficient, cost-effective, and flexible way to provide transportation in Manassas Park. But before deciding to make the change, we sought insight from the community into possible demand for this type of transportation. The community provided feedback via a survey, public hearings and a listening session -- audio provided here.

What is Microtransit?

OmniRide Connect Microtransit allows riders to book a ride through their phone or by calling OmniRide's Customer Service office. Instead of a bus, riders are transported in vans. Upon request, a van is dispatched to pick-up passengers at designated locations and deliver them to their destination.