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Microtransit FAQs

Q: Where does OmniRide Connect Microtransit service operate?

  • A: The map below shows the service area (green highlight) for the service pilot -- in the Manassas Park and Manassas area.

Q: What is microtransit?

  • A: Microtransit is defined as on-demand, shared public transit transportation that serves passengers using dynamically generated routes in response to individual or general consumer demand. It uses smaller vehicles (vans) and that utilize a mobile GPS platform. Passengers may be expected to make their way to and from common pick-up or drop-off points. Door-to-door service is not available.

Q: How can I set up a ride?

  • A: Passengers can schedule rides using our OmniRide Mobility app, through our online web portal or by calling OmniRide’s Customer Service Office during service hours. Rides will be reserved for same-day travel; they cannot be scheduled days in advance.

Q: When does the microtransit service run?

  • A: Our pilot OmniRide Connect microtransit service operates in Manassas Park Monday through Friday from 6:00AM to 8:00PM.

Q: How much does it cost to ride?

  • A: Currently, OmniRide’s local transit services are operating zero-fares.  Riders will pay $2.00 per passenger, when OmniRide begins to collect fares again.  While OmniRide is fare free on local routes, all OmniRide Connect trips will be free. Fares will be paid through the app.

Q: How long will I have to wait for my ride?

  • A: Passengers should have to wait no longer than 15 minutes for their ride to arrive.

Q: Are transfers to other routes be available?

  • A: Yes. At the Manassas Park VRE Station, riders can transfer to VRE trains and OmniRide Local Manassas (67) route. At the Hub at the Prince William County courthouse, riders can transfer to OmniRide Local Manassas (65 & 67), East-West Express (96), and Manassas Metro Express (60) routes.

**See the service guidelines for policy details.**