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Employer Information

What is OmniRide Employer Services?

It’s the helping hand for employers who want to create and expand commuter benefit programs for their employees! There are a wide range of commuter benefit programs to meet everyone’s needs. Check out the list below and ask yourself two questions:

  • Which of these options will work best for my staff members so they can save money and be more productive during the workday instead of being stressed and tired from commuting?
  • Which options will best provide my business with a superior recruitment and retention tool? 

OmniRide Employer Services are FREE for all businesses in Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park. We are happy to assist with:

  • Emergency Preparedness – A snowstorm or natural disaster doesn’t mean that your business needs to shut down. Be prepared for an emergency, and develop a business continuity plan to keep your business open by helping your employees with their commutes during a crisis. An established Telework Program is a key component to emergency preparedness.
  • Carpool/Vanpool Formation – Let OmniRide Employer Services help your staff find colleagues interested in starting a carpool or vanpool.  OmniRide Employer Services can also help you and your staff tap into the OmniRide Ridesharing program that’s affiliated with Commuter Connections. 
  • Telework Programs – Creating a telework program for your company allows your staff to avoid the hassles of commuting five days a week. Telework programs are highly valued by employees and numerous studies have shown that employees who telework are more productive. 
  • Biking/Walking to Work – Become a bike-friendly workplace by providing your staff with places to lock up their bikes and change their clothes. Biking is an affordable and healthy way to get to work. OmniRide Employer Services has tips and ideas for how to make your company bike-friendly. For a list of bike rack companies, see below:
    • Saris Infrastructure Racks
    • Belson Bike Racks
    • MadRax
  • Alternative Work Schedules – Whether it’s allowing your employees to work more hours over fewer days or letting them choose what time they arrive and depart each day, Alternative Work Schedules are a great way to help your employees with their commutes. Alternative Work Schedules keep your staff off the roads during rush hour and can help them achieve a better work/life balance.
  • Parking Management – Overflowing parking lots are easily controlled when your employees start carpooling and working from home. OmniRide Employer Services can work with you to develop strategies for maximizing your parking by offering employee incentives to not drive alone.
  • Transit Subsidies –Employees who take public transportation or ride in vanpools are eligible to set aside up to $265 of their salary each month for their commuting costs. Employers can also provide up to $300 per month directly to employees as a tax free benefit. The SmartBenefits program administered by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (Metro) helps employers manage their employees’ transit benefits for free!
  • Employee Commute Surveys – OmniRide Employer Services can provide you with the research that holds key insights into your staff and their commuting behavior.  You can use this data to determine employee interest in commuter benefit programs as well as which types of benefits and programs might be most beneficial to your employees and effective for your organization. Surveys can be conducted on paper or online in both English and Spanish.

Contact Us! Do you want to ensure that your business provides employees with the resources and options for less expensive and more sustainable commutes? Email us at or call (703) 580-6130.