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Dumfries Proposed Routes

Dumfries Proposed Routes

Dumfries Local - Current

Dumfries Local (51) - Proposed

Route 1 Local (52) - Proposed

Dumfries Connector (53) - Proposed

Dumfries Area - Current and Proposed


The current Dumfries Local route would be split into two NEW routes. The proposed routes would service the Quantico area eastbound and westbound on Route 234, the Ferlazzo Building and NOVA campus along Route 1, and provide timed transfers at the OmniRide Transit Center.

  • Dumfries Local (51) -- NEW ROUTE
    • Timed transfers to Dumfries Connector (53) at Graham Park Road (NEW HUB)
    • Passengers can transfer to Local Route 1 (52) – which serves the Ferlazzo building and NOVA campus
    • Would serve Quantico Center and Old Stage Road along Route 234
    • Would serve Target and Weis along Route 234
  • Route 1 Local (52) -- NEW ROUTING
    • Would serve the Ferlazzo building in both directions
    • Would serve the NOVA campus in both directions
    • Would serve the Woodbridge VRE. Passengers can transfer to these routes at the Woodbridge VRE: Lake Ridge (92), Woodbridge (93), Prince William Metro Express (95)
  • Dumfries Connector (53) -- NEW ROUTING
    • Timed transfers to the Dumfries Local (51) at Graham Park Road (NEW HUB)
    • Timed transfers at the OmniRide Transit Center to: Local Dale City (91), Lake Ridge Connector (94), Prince William Metro Express (95) and East-West Express (96)