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Your Passenger OmniRights

In the interest of safety, convenience and a pleasant riding experience, every passenger has the right to …

Board the bus in a safe and orderly manner

  • Form a single line at bus stops. Do not leave objects to hold your place in line.
  • Have your fare ready for fast boarding.
  • Refrain from running after buses that are pulling away from a stop.

A comfortable seat when one is available

  • Seats are for passengers, not belongings. Please do not store belongings on the seat.
  • Give elderly, disabled and pregnant passengers first choice at Priority Seating in the front of each bus.
  • Be mindful of those seated behind you when reclining seats on OmniRide buses.

A quiet ride

  • Use cell phones only when truly necessary and speak quietly.
  • Headphones are required for portable music and gaming devices.
  • Speak quietly when conversing with other passengers.

A clean and comfortable ride

  • Take your trash or newspapers with you.
  • Do not vandalize buses; violators will be prosecuted.

Arrive safely at their destination

  • Avoid speaking to the operator while he or she is driving.
  • Sit, rather than stand, when seating is available.
  • When standing, remain behind the safety line at the front of the bus.
  • Use signal to alert operator when ready to get off.