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Courtesy is Contagious!

Posted: 05/02/2023

It’s a good time for a friendly reminder of how riders can make their trips enjoyable for everyone on board. Loud conversations, including on your phone, inconvenience other passengers. Remember – you are in an enclosed space and other passengers can hear your conversations. Please try to avoid having phone calls, and if you must make or answer a call,  please speak softly and keep conversations brief. Your fellow riders will appreciate it.


Here are a few other tips for being a courteous passenger: 

  • Carry your bags in your hands rather than over your shoulders so they don’t hit seated passengers as you walk in the aisle
  • It is unsafe to store items such as luggage and folding strollers/carts in the aisle. Items must be able to fit in your lap, under the seat, or in the overhead compartment (on Express buses)
  • To avoid missing your stop, alert your operator that you would like to deboard by ringing the bell at least a block in advance of your stop

 Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Courtesy is Contagious!