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Lake Ridge Local Proposed Routes

Lake Ridge Local Proposed Routes

Woodbridge/Lake Ridge Local – Current

Lake Ridge Local (92) – Proposed

Woodbridge Local (93) – Proposed

Lake Ridge Connector (94) – Proposed

Lake Ridge Area – Current and Proposed


The current Woodbridge/Lake Ridge Local route would be split into three NEW routes. The proposed routes would serve the Chinn Center, Tackett’s Mill Commuter Lot, Potomac Mills Mall, Telegraph Commuter Lot, Kaiser Permanente on Minnieville, the Woodbridge NOVA campus, the Woodbridge VRE, and provide timed transfers at the OmniRide Transit Center.

Lake Ridge Local (92) – NEW ROUTING

  • Route 92 would serve the Chinn Center in both directions. Passengers can transfer to Local Woodbridge (93) at the Chinn Center
  • Would serve Tackett’s Mill Commuter Lot where passengers can transfer to Lake Ridge Connector (94)
  • Timed transfers to Dale City Local (91) at Galveston Court Hub
  • Would have timed transfers to Woodbridge Local (93) at the Woodbridge VRE. Passengers can also connect to Route 1 Local (52) and Prince William Metro Express (95) at the Woodbridge VRE

Woodbridge Local (93) – NEW ROUTING

  • Would serve Potomac Mills Mall in both directions
  • Would serve Telegraph Commuter Lot
  • Would serve the Woodbridge VRE Station.

Lake Ridge Connector (94) – NEW ROUTE

  • Would provide direct connection for Lake Ridge residents to travel to Woodbridge NOVA campus
  • Would serve the OmniRide Transit Center in both directions. Timed transfers to: Dumfries Connector (53), Dale City Local (91), Prince William Metro Express (95), East-West Express (96)
  • Would serve the Telegraph Commuter Lot. Would connect passengers to the new Kaiser facility on Minnieville, Potomac Mills Mall, the OmniRide Transit Center, Sentara Medical Center, Stonebridge and the Woodbridge NOVA campus